Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Children's Art Classes in Yale OK

There is a little known treasure in Yale Oklahoma. Her name is Una Jean and she teaches art to children every summer in her home based studio. Since my grandchildren have the privilege of  attending her classes I was invited to go to the art show last year. The resulting artworks by very young children convinces me that Una Jean has an amazing talent for teaching children. She does not do their work but teaches them to see and create.  My grandson who had never painted with oil paints before did a wonderful painting of an Eagle.

Symphony, Amberlee & Viktoria
This year I had the privilege of being invited by Una Jean to teach three basic sculpting classes on Friday the 1st of June.

Each kid gets a big piece of Polyform's Sculpey polymer clay, the white kind.

Building on her drawing and painting basics, for the students I first drew the basic drawing shapes:
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Triangle,
  • Rectangle
  • Free form

and demonstrated how to convert these shapes drawn on paper into three dimensional shapes:
  • Ball, or sphere
  • Box, or block
  • Cone or Pyramid
  • Slab or cylinder
  • Free form shape

I had drawings of the shapes, held them up and then shaped clay to go with each basic shapes.

The early morning class was three to five year olds. Believe it or not, they were able to call out the basic shapes and some even knew the names of the basic three dimensional shapes.

The second class in the morning was 6 to 9, then in the afternoon, 10 and up. Many of them have been Miss Una Jean's students for a number of years.

The students were wonderful, mostly easy to teach and very eager to learn. Thank you Una Jean for allowing me to be a part of your annual classes.

Below are just a few of the photos that were on my smart phone after my granddaughter, who was also in the classes, asked if she could take a picture with the phone.  Love the photos!!

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