Sunday, November 17, 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! mold

Painted parts.
This original Cute Kitties bead and embellishment mold is filled with a variety of six different Kitty faces.  The painted parts are shown left.
The three 'dressed' or embellished kitties are boy, girl and an I You Kitty. The remaining three are kitty faces shown in different poses.  

The mold includes a free tutorial showing how to mold the kitties and paint eyes. Also included is a photo idea of a simple project. (see below)

The six kitties and the two smaller elements in the mold can be used for a number of applications such as beads, dangles, earrings, buttons, button covers, embellishments and more

The mold is ready to ship and is available through our website:
Best Flexible Molds  

Mold is made of tough, long lasting urethane and can take temperatures up to 150°F.

Not rated for food safety
There are eight openings in this mold~ six are kitty faces, three are embellished and three are not embellished, just posed cutely. They are:
Mold with Info
K-1 = girly girl Kitty
K-2 = I You Kitty
K-3 = plain Kitty
K-4 = sweet Kitty with paws up,

K-5 = dapper guy Kitty and
K-6 = happy Kitty.

Below are the sizes of the openings.
Compare the sizes to the openings right.

K-1: 13/16 by 1 1/16 inches (21 by 25 mm)
K-2: 7/8 by 1 3/16 inches (22 by 30 mm)
K-3: 1 by 7/8 inches (21 by 28 mm)
K-4: 1 1/16 by 7/8 inches (22 by 28 mm)
K-5: 1 1/16 by 7/8 inches (31 by 37 mm)
Unpainted, pastel parts.
K-6: 1 by 7/8 inches (23 by 27 mm)
Fishy Toy 7/8 by 3.4 inch (25 by 20 mm)
Paw Print 9/16 by 9/16 inch (12 by 7 mm)

    We have measured the clay for you and provide a circle measuring chart with the mold and a list of the size of ball needed to fill each opening.

With the purchase of our molds, tutorials or stamps, you have permission to make one-of-a-kind pieces in any quantity to sell at fairs, bazaars, Etsy, Artfire and craft shows; However, you may not hire employees to make items from the molds or tutorials to sell through commercial accounts without permission.

All of the kitties, fish and paw print were sculpted by Penni Jo Couch.
Project idea. Can be a refrigerator magnet, pendant etc. 

©2013 Penni Jo