Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Thanksgiving gift for you.

Because we are very thankful for our customers and friends we have a special for each of you!

Best Flexible Molds has a
Free shipping event

until Friday November 25th 2011 for our USA customers!

& $5.00 USD off shipping for overseas customers!

If you have not visited our website lately, we have some new molds.

PJ044 Egyptian Symbols I – Scarabs (Parts shown left.)

Please feel free to share this special with your friends. To go to the webpage with larger photos, click on the pictures.

Have a wonderful holiday time with those that you love and those that love you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cameo mold is finished!

After weeks of work, sculpting, shaping, and planning the cameo mold is finally ready to ship.

There are five cameos and one cameo ring.

Four of the designs are old cameos that were molded then more clay flowers, ribbons and leaves were added to give them a fresh, rich look. The large cameo in Victorian style with a young woman wearing a big hat is an original sculpture based on a photo of my daughter at 17.

The cameo ring band is 3 ¼ by 5/8 inches and goes up to size 17 1/2. A ring sizing chart is included in the mold. Great for metal clay!

Here are the Sizes of the Cameos

  • C-1 = 1 9/16 by 1 15/16 inches - (40mm x 49mm)
  • C-2 = 1 3/8 by 1 13/16 inches.(36mm x 52mm)
  • C-3 = 7/8 by 1 3/16 inches.(23mm x 32mm)
  • C-4 = 7/16 by 13/16 inch. (12mm x 21mm)
  • C-5 = 1/2 by 11/16 inch.(13mm x 18mm)
The project included with the mold is how to mold the cameo with the bezel in three colors of clay. Shown right.

While trying out different styles of cameos, these two designs were created using translucent and milky white clay for the images allowing the dark background colors to show through.

It took some tests to figure the translucent to white mix, then how to mold just the images using it. There was no way to see if the technique would work except to add a dark background. They both turned out very well it seems.

A small bar pin is planned for the center of the ring. The band will be cut from it along the edges of the leaves. It will have a larger cameo hanging from it with two eye pins for a lavalier pin when finished.

The mold is approx. 3.25 inches by 4 inches by 5/8 inch thick. Made of to
ugh, long lasting urethane rubber it flexes efficiently to allow easy release of the molded parts.

It's good to have it finished and now it is time to play with it!

Penni Jo

Monday, November 7, 2011

Still working on Cameos

Sometimes things sound easy to do when the idea is in my head. How hard could it be to mold an old cameo. Press clay into the mold, add a few leaves, flowers and swirls to bring a richer texture and more detail to a rather plain cameo? Sounds easy.

Yeah, right. I should have considered the fact that I've lost the vision in the center of one eye and that micro sculpting might take me a lot longer than it used to!

The larger cameo on the left was the first and went ok, not easy but OK. It now has a border. This photo is colored in Photoshop. Can't wait to try it in clay!!

The ring sculpture, right, with the very tiny face, flowers and leaves was, to say the least .... not easy. The photo of the ring shown here was taken of the brown clay sculpture. When a mold is made of this sculpture it can be used to make rings using a variety of clay and color. The next picture of the ring will be much prettier.

The ring was a challenge to make but, not that it is finished, I am really liking it and may try making it up in silver clay. We'll see.

If so, I'll post a picture.

Penni Jo