Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Penni Jo's Clay Tools are HERE!!

A few days ago we found out that our tool kits would be arriving over a week earlier than we had planned. They arrived today so we picked them up from the dock, came home and immediately began packaging and labeling!

A large amount of packets and boxes were taken to the post office before they closed in the afternoon but the packing has continued until tonight.

The pre-sale price was to go to 'mid June'. Since the tools are in and ready to ship we have decided to allow the sale price to run until the 15th of June.  

So, you can still order at the low price of $19.95 with free shipping in the US until then. 

The photo is of Joe, who is the mold maker, web master, packager, packing and shipper part of our mom and pop company. This is his office. The fat, white envelopes are single tool kits in a bubble mailer.

The bins on the upper right held both tool kits and molds that were purchased at the same time. Since the new tool kits ship free in the USA, the molds are shipped free too.

On the floor, center, are filled priority mail small boxes with multiple tool kits or tools and molds. The larger boxes are larger orders. They are ready to ship first thing in the morning. We hope to be caught up with the packaging and shipping by tomorrow night or Thursday!
Open tool kit. Scraper, 3 wire tools, 2 Peej Shapers, 2 Peej Picks
 For more info, please visit our website. Click HERE. 

The Pre-Sale will last for ten more days. Then the price of Penni Jo's Clay Tools will go to $24.95.

Any Questions or comments?  Please E-Mail me:  pennijo ( at ) bestflexiblemolds ( dot ) com 

Penni Jo

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