Sunday, May 27, 2012

Penni Jo's Clay Tools Pre-Sale Discount only $19.95

We have been notified that our new kits, Penni Jo's Clay Tools should arrive here by mid June. The regular price of the set of 8 tools will be $24.95.  They come in a vinyl zipper case that is approx. 6 inches high and 4.5 inches across. All eight tools are inside. Each has an elastic band to hold them in place.

We are having a pre-sale on them now at the pre-sale price of $19.95 USD and shipping in the US is free. To pre-order your own tools you can go to this link. 

If you buy by PayPal they will add $5.15 to your order for shipping but at the bottom when you check out is a discount for you of $5.15.

You may also send a check or money order for $19.95 for each kit ordered. Be sure you include your mailing address. 
The tool set will be mailed to you as soon as it arrives. If you would like to order molds to be shipped  with  the tools when they arrive, the molds will also be shipped free.
Stainless steel Peej Shapers.
 Left: Peej Picks. Long tapered, slender tools for lifting, poking, shaping and other wise very handy tools. The longest tool is 4 inches.

Stainless steel Peej Shapers
 Right: Peej Shapers. Smooth shapers with one rounded end and one pointed end. The nice weight of them makes them excellent for rolling out small sheets of clay. Largest tool is 4.5 by 3/8 inches.
Half Circle Wire tools for cutting clay.
 Left: Half circle stainless steel wire tools with wood handles. The half circles are 1/8 inch , 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch. These wire tools are for cutting and imprinting clay etc. Wire tools are just under 4 inches including the wire loops. 
Peej Scraper

Right: Peej Scraper: A small scraper with one end smaller than the other for use in tight or small spots. Perfect for scraping colors from a sheet of clay that was picked on the way through a pasta machine. Scraper is 3 1/4 by 1 3/8  inches.  

 Below are two samples of the half circle clay tools in use. The left is a slice of a leaf cane that was scalloped to make a 'fantasy' leaf. The flowers and buds were cut using the same tool.  

The notches in the petals of the largest flower were made quickly by using the Peej pick wedge end. The pin is 1.75 by 1 inches.

Below are  two examples of how the half circle cutters can make a 'picot' edge on a light switch cover. The tiny holes in the scallops were made using the tip of a Peej Pick. Believe it or not, these borders are still in great shape, no breakage. BUT, I use a very strong clay to cover a light switch plate. 

Have fun!

To see all of our molds click HERE to visit our site. Thanks for looking! 
Penni Jo

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