Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cabin Fever Clay Fest

 Each year the Cabin Fever Clay Fest conference is held in Laurel Maryland and is the brain child of Kathryn Jo Ottman. For years I read about it in blogs and posting on forums and on Kathryn's blog.

Left is an image of the annual postcard created with images of classes to be taught. How exciting it was to see my class (first row, second from left) in the post card along with many of the artists that I've only known by name in the past.

What fun it was to have the opportunity not only to teach, but to meet and visit with so many (attendance was about 100 people) clayers from all over the country. Each teacher brings their own unique view and style using polymer clay, embeds and techniques to the students.

I taught two classes. One was faux ribbon embroidery, and one was making bezels (settings) for polymer clay cabochons.

My demonstration was embedded canes in molded cabochons. I called the embedded canes *pressed flowers*. The image to the right are two *pressed flower* cabochons that were molded, baked and a bezel (settings) was molded and fitted around them and baked.

Left is a close up of a *pressed flower* cabochon with the elements softly spilling over the cabochon and onto the background.

I can hardly recommend this wonderful conference to you for a fabulous time of learning and fellowship.

Penni Jo Couch
designer, teacher and sculptor of 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

When we think of Valentine's day we often think of a heart shape since the heart has been used for decades to express the depth of our love. Words like "She makes my heart sing!" or "My Heart longs for you.", or, sadly, "He broke my heart." bespeak just a few of the emotions attributed to the heart.

Singers and song writers have been made wealthy with music of, to and from the heart.

Along with a heart shape, the traditional flower of the day seems to be a rose. Millions of women may be receiving a rose or a number of roses all over America on this day when we declare our love for one another.

On this day of hearts and roses I'd like to share this polymer clay 'Key To My Heart' pin tutorial with you.  To download the tutorial, click the underlined words above.

The roses, leaves, keys and heart keyhole are molded in a variety of colored polymer clay. The beads and border of the heart pin are made with scraps of clay.

Add a bit of wire and some beads for a bit of movement.
Parts in the PJ008 Roses and Butterflies mold.
A pin back or pendant loop finishes the project.

Have a very happy and loving 
Valentine's Day!

 Yours, Penni Jo

If desired, you can find the mold on our website.