Monday, June 28, 2010

Another day, another project or two

After discussing with Arlene about the mats (see previous post), we decided it would be easy and meet more artist's needs to offer the mats in two formats.

One texture mat style will leave the design imprinted INTO the clay; AKA "Innies".

The second texture mat style will create the design sticking OUT of the clay; AKA "Outies".

Tonight I prepared the materials for casting Outies and we will pour them tomorrow.

Also tonight another project has finally been finished.

Our newest mold, PJ034 Woodland Spirits, will be cast tomorrow. I've been sculpting for weeks on the parts for this new mold.

It has six openings including the following: an extra large Green Lady, a small Green Lady, a medium sized Old Man of the Woods and a smaller Old Man of the Woods. Just for fun there is an Owl Face and a Knothole Bead.

The project will be a necklace featuring the larger Old Man of the Woods and the Knot Hole bead.

We will be posting the final sales date soon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Many Changes and New Product

So much to do.... So little time.... A favorite quote that is often used by folks like me and others who find their lives filled to the brim. However, with careful management, I've managed to squeeze out enough time to try a new 'mold-ie' idea.

For a long time the thought of making original Texture Mats from my own drawings has intrigued me. Our current mold rubber is a bit too soft for pressing a design into polymer clay without 'blurring' so researching a properly stiff rubber that will give an imprint and also be flexible enough to bend easily became our first priority. When there was a bit of time, I contacted the rubber company that we have worked with for years, requested samples and found one that is "Just Right".

Next we needed to create an original mat from which a mold maker could be cast. More time provided the research and solution as to what we would need for this step.

There was finally time available to make our first mats. We started with a design called Branches, a sheet of simple interlocking branches on a plain background.

The second is Swirling Ginko Leaves, ginko leaves in a variety of sizes on a background of swirling dots.

On both mats the images are "outies".

Each mat is 6 by 4.5 inches. I'm not sure if I like them this way or if we ought to remake them with the images as "Innies".

When these mats are rolled onto a clay sheet misted with water, the images are embedded into the clay. ( "Innies" ).

However, if we make a new rubber mat by molding the opposite way, when the mat is rolled into a sheet of clay, the line art images will be sticking out ( "outies" ).

Hummm...... Lots to think about. Maybe we should try "outie" texture mats tomorrow.

So much to do..... So little time....