Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exotic Face Pin Tutorial

When I was a child, my mother had a set of pins, two lady faces with head covers, big earrings and exotic faces.

She called them her "Mojo" pins. 'Cause when she wore them, she had "Mojo".

Not quite sure what "Mojo" might be, I was, none the less, impressed with them and loved to see her wear them on a red satin Periwing style dress. Snug waist, high collar and beautiful fabric. In later years I realized that her "Mojo" was charm and beauty, of which she had both. They worked very well for her.

Not long ago I found one of these little ladies at a garage sale and smiled to see it. Of course, I bought it. The companion piece was never found.

Using parts from two molds, PJ016 Let's Face It mold and the PJ010 Flights of Fancy, an Exotic face pin/pendant was created. Similar in style but larger and a bit showier it may, or may not, have some MoJo. :-)

The  I've posted the three pages of instructions on Pinterest. I wish they could take pdf files as that would allow people to download and print the tutorial.


The Tutorial uses F-4 face ( or, if you like, F-3)

You may make the faces from your choice of flesh tones.

The Swag was used from this mold. By curving the swag, different looks can be achieved.

Left: curved swag that was molded of black clay. 

Holes are made so eye pins etc, can be inserted after baking.

Left: Pair of swag earrings. I made a similar pair to go with the Exotic pin using Silver mica powder instead of gold.

Lightweight, dressy and showy, these earrings are fun to wear.

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun with the tutorial.

Penni Jo Couch
Creator and sculptor of 

Oklahoma USA