Thursday, August 22, 2013

More gourd work and fun

It took a few days to finish an intricate, fancy and complicated base and lid and shoot all the photos for the step by step instructions.

I liked the fancy designs but not everyone likes ornate, fancy and frilly.
(See almost completed fancy lid left.)

The knob just needs to be screwed tightly to the top and the clay antiqued to be complete.

The design curved from the top of the lid into the base at the bottom.

This bottom base is as fancy as the top.

Since the students in my up and coming classes may not be fond of ornate and fancy, a new, simpler design seemed to be in order so that they would have a choice.

The new, simpler lid design has a domed top, beaded edge and the flower on the edge matches up with the half flower design peeking out from under the lid. The base is a plain ring of clay.

A playful flower lid handle has an embedded screw in it and the domed top is threaded allowing the  handle to remain secure when lifting.

The 'key' in the lid allows it to close exactly the same each time. No looking for 'just the right way' to close it, ensuring that the flower parts always line up. The base is a simple circle of clay. No embellishments.

Because we will not have time in class to paint the gourd before adding the swirls, I've chosen to leave the raw gourd showing.

Here are some pics of the freeform design that flows around the gourd. Patterns are repeated in a variety of forms.

Post by Penni Jo Couch
Creator, sculptor and designer of 

The Premo® polymer clay for this class project supplied by Polyform. 
Thank you very much!

This was a great project for me, challenging but I learned so much while doing it. 

These shots of the design from different sides were done so that I can use them to draw a pattern that can be traced onto similarly sized and shaped gourds. 


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