Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another new Caboshape mold

From the beginning of our little mold company, our customers favorite molds have been our cabochon molds. Evidently when making jewelry, if they can mold a cabochon quickly they can get to beading faster. So, we created several cabochon molds with mostly traditional shapes.

Later on I needed an unusual smooth shape for a project and had to sculpt it by hand. It took a lot of time and after it was gone, if I'd needed another one, it would have to be made from scratch.
Enter the mother of invention : Necessity

I've always figured that if I'm needing something there must be a couple of others out there that wanted it too.

Brainstorming with Joe on the way home from Sandy Camp in 2010 the term Caboshape came into being. Smooth shapes with slightly rounded edges in non traditional cabochon shapes became Caboshapes.

As soon as we got home I sculpted our first Caboshape mold.

It was an immediate hit and continues to be a top seller. The project instructions that come with the mold is how to make a Bali Silver bezel for two of the Caboshapes. See below.

 The triangle mold came about as customers asked for new Caboshapes and it was one of the most requested shape.

The project instructions that come with this new mold is how to add sculpted sprays of leaves to the face of the tapered Triangles. All of the four triangles are scaled to be a specific length shorter than the longest triangle to give a pleasing effect when used  as shown.

Any of the triangles can be used to make a bracelet with the parts in juxtaposition. With stretchy bracelet cord and beads a stylish bracelet can be created with triangles all the same size and your favorite colors.

We love to see what our customers make using our molds. If you have any photos to share please contact me either from our website or by email.

Penni Jo Couch
Designer and sculptor of Best Flexible Molds
Below  PJ038 Mold, left
Project Right


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