Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing with the new mold.

The new mold has been fun to play with and new ideas keep coming.

This week we filmed some video for our new Best Flexible Molds YouTube channel. Turquoise cabs were molded, baked, painted, then sanded to reveal the beautiful patterns. We also showed how to be sure that your cabochon will fit the bezel.

The blue oval cab with the lily of the valley on it started out to be faux Wedgwood but flopped mightily.

The molded part did not show up well so I tried to antique it but that made it look dirty. To overcome the 'dirtiness', dry brushing with white was attempted. Now I have an oval cabochon with a dirty white lily of the valley on it. Next, there was a dim hope that varnish would brighten the whole thing. Nope, now it is just a shiny oval cab with a dirty looking, shiny lily of the valley on it.

Very good lessons to be learned. The coral square, bottom center, worked much, much better. The tiny molded butterflies and flowers were made of pearl. After baking they got a very light dry-brushing of white to bring out their details. I should have left the varnish off of it. Another lesson learned.

For some reason I always think the (fill in any item here) would be prettier if it were shiny!!

No matter, the next one will be better, I'm sure and, if not, I'll try again. :-)

My granny always used to say "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." A very wise and loving lady.

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