Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deep Cabochon Mold and Amate Bezels

We designed our newest cabochon mold to fit eight of the top selling Amate Studios bezels. The color artwork (shown left) that comes in each mold package has the number of the Amate bezel that the cabochon will fit.

There are, in this mold, two much desired sizes.

  • A one inch diameter circle (fits Amate bezel 50990190)
  • A one inch square (fits Amate bezel 50990145).

The mold is currently available on our website BestFlexibleMolds.
Since some of the bezels are 4 mm deep and some of the bezels are 2 mm deep, a way to create a cabochon with the desired base depth needed to be designed.

Since some folks do not want a base (a section of the cabochon with flat, 90° sides) the mold also needed to be able to be used to create a flat back cabochon.

Time to, as my granny used to say, "Put on your thinking cap!"

The solution to the need for three depths was found in one of the 'extras' we include with every mold. With each mold we measure the clay needed to fill each opening, measure and list the diameter of a ball of clay needed to fill each opening and provide a series of measuring circles in each package so that the customer can easily choose the right amount of clay for the desired opening.

Note: If you start with a ball of clay that will fit the desired opening in the mold you will have very little frustration with over or under filled designs.

How this will work is shown in the illustration to the right. By filling the mold to different levels, three different thicknesses of cabochon bases can be created or none at all.

Two of them will have 90° flat sided bases. The third will have no base but will be a flat cabochon that can be glued to a surface or beaded around.

To simplify the measurements we provide a chart with each mold to choose the right amount of clay needed for each shape.

The user chooses the shape desired and using the mold identifier right, then decides which thickness of base they want.

For example if you want the 1 inch round cabochon with a 2 mm bezel, go to the sizing chart, left, find the row: C-1 and look across to the column '2mm base'. The amount of clay needed to make a 1 inch diameter round cab with a 2 mm base is a 13/16 inch ball of clay. Note the color image at the top, left. The 13/16" circle is green.

Also note that the mold identifier, right, shows the size of cabochon each mold makes. Both the sizing chart and mold identifier come with the mold.

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