Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Scorpions anyone? Check our our newest Mold

 No need for fear!!

 This is not a real scorpion, it was molded of scrap clay using our newest mold, PJ056 Scorpions, mold. 

After the members of the Ok Polyclay guild had an opportunity to make some tiny scorpions at a function where I had brought some unusual molds there were requests for a scorpion mold, the idea was researched and sketched out. But before I could get very far with it, I had to undergo open heart surgery to replace two valves and repair a third.

The last three months have been both recovery time and the beginning of some time and energy to work on the parts for the mold. 

After weeks of working on and off of the large sculpture it was finally finished. Next the tiny one was sculpted then the medium sized one was begun. However, at this time it became clear that another scorpion with a curled tail would not fit into the mold.

All of the reference photos showed the insect with a straight tail so.... if the molded tail were straight the user could choose which way the tail would curl. Right, left or over the center.

 Here are the steps to curl the tail over the back of the insect whilst retaining the details.

  • Cut off the tail after molding.
  • Put a dot of Bake N Bond or Poly Paste on the body where the tail was removed.
  • Turn the tail over so that the details face up. 
  • Press the tail onto the body. Hold a few seconds to be sure it is secured.
  • Curve the tail up and over the body.
  • Add a tiny dot of Bake N Bond or Poly Paste to the underside of the 'stinger'. 
  • Press the 'stinger' down to the body. 

Left: mold showing molded, trimmed medium scorpion, ready to de-mold. 

Just for fun I added, to the mold, a swirly pattern, a wildflower and a very, very tiny turtle (between the pincers of the big scorpion).

Thanks for stopping by!

Above: PJ056 Scorpions Flexible Art Mold
All designs by Penni Jo Couch
This mold will soon be available on our website:

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