Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tiny Marigolds by Allyson

Step 2
Allyson H. and I became clay friends several years ago when Joe and I used to go south "snow birding" to Mission Texas for the cold winter months.  The closest guild was in Corpus Christi, a three hour drive. Since Allyson lived just 15 minutes from our campground and was a clayer, she and I would take turns driving to the meetings and to classes I taught in Corpus Christi. As a happy result, we became friends as we shared our enthusiasm for our families and for polymer clay.

Allyson is incredibly talented and, when she learns a new technique, she creates a necklace, earrings and barrette for her lovely thick, long hair.

Step 4.
A few weeks ago she contacted me for a tutorial of a technique I demo at retreats, using some of my tools.  A short time later she sent me a single page of images, she'd created these darling marigolds and shared with me how she'd accomplished it.

Wow! I love these tiny flowers! and, with her permission, I'm sharing her technique with you all. Here we go!

Step 5.
Allyson's tiny Marigolds

Step 1. I made a Skinner blend with white and Yellow and a little orange. Then I made a Jellyroll.

Step 2.  Then I cut slices off of the jellyroll and laid them out in rows.

Step 6
Step 3. I cut centers out of one of the slices an made the other two slices smaller by increments.

Step 4. Then I put a dent in the sides of each section all around.

Step 5. I also "ruffled" the edges.

Step 6. I dented and ruffled all of the slices.

Step 7

Step 7. Here are all the dented and ruffled slices.

Step 8.

Step 8. Next I stacked the second slice on to of the first slice.

Step 9.

Step 9. Then I pushed the center into the hole in the first slice.

Step 10.

Step 10.  I repeated the process for the third slice.

Step 11.

Step 11. I added a little roll of white clay to the center and baked.

(I wish I'd gotten one of these inchies with tiny marigolds. Aren't they are just darling?)

Step 12

Step 12.  All done~!!

(Shown with a penny for scale.)

Step 13.

Step 13. I made a base for this barrette from clay. Then I put the flowers and leaves in the base and filled it with resin.

(Note that some of the marigolds are more orange than yellow. I made a number of differently colored marigolds.)
Zumba Belt

I purchased this Zumba belt and used the parts to make a bracelet, earrings and a necklace. 

Left, the Bracelet. Baked, tiny marigolds in dished metal disks then the disks were filled with resin.

Below: The necklace and earrings. I placed the flowers in the base and filled them with resin. 
Finished necklace & Earrings

I hope you all enjoy trying Allyson's tiny marigolds.

Thanks for stopping by.
Penni Jo Couch
Designer / Sculptor 

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