Friday, October 25, 2013

I (Heart) Kitty Work In Progress

Before beginning to create a variety of themes on the 'kitty' the original one was first scanned and the image pulled into photoshop where it was converted to grayscale. The resulting image was enlarged and repeated on a page so a number of designs could be tested.

To the left is a photo of the resulting images on my worktop. Two pages of reference of kittens, playing kittens, startled kittens were also put together.

Male, female and popular themes were tried. These were the ones chosen to begin.

This is an image of the I (Heart) Kitty in progress. It's since been baked. The heart is of pink clay.

The photos in the back are reference for the next bead, happy kitty.

A close up view of the bead.

Tomorrow, Happy Kitty and Sweet Girl will be on the work top for finishing. 

The same bead, different angle and color tinted.

By Penni Jo Couch
Designer/sculptor of 

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Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Oh Penni, I love them. I'm going to have a Christmas tree full of those little kitties, I can't wait. They are adorable. You outdid yourself but of course that's because I'm a cat person.