Sunday, July 15, 2012

Website Problems -- OW!

New look home page
Over the last few weeks we have been having a bit of trouble with our website. 

After reviewing it, checking links and going over the entire site carefully we thought it was fine.  

Since we've had the same look for a couple of years we decided, since we were working on it, to completely rebuild it with a new look. 

PJ046 info & order page
In addition to the new look every mold now has it's own page.  We've added photos of the projects (each mold comes with a free tutorial to make a project), some have materials lists, other molds that buyers might also like and some even have sizes of the parts in the mold if applicable.  

Penni Jo's Clay Tools Page
We have also added the new Penni Jo's Clay Tools to the website with lots of pictures of the tools and uploaded videos to YouTube showing how to use the tools.  

Everything seemed to be working fine when we started to get emails that it was again, not working properly. Bless our customer's hearts! They wrote to us and sent lists of the desired molds and helped us to determine what was happening. 

Joe found the problem and after hours of work on Saturday everything has been fixed, tested and running properly again. Thank you all for your patience with us and for helping us to discover and fix the problem. 

Yours Penni Jo.

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