Friday, April 1, 2011

No foolin'! We are having a Retreat!

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild
is having it's very first Retreat.

The OK Poly Clay Twisters will be claying away on April the 9th!!

After attending Sandy Camp and Fandango I just knew that we, Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild, needed to have a retreat. The group said yes, we need a retreat! We had two potential sites lined up with big rooms and great lighting, both free.

Site one: Huge church gymnasium with great lighting, kitchen, classrooms, heat and air etc. They were willing to allow us to use the facility but, they had just finished refinishing the gym floor and did not want anything on it that could damage the new floor. After much thought, I realized that polymer clay definitely would damage the new floor and that no matter what we did to cover it, some crumbs might escape. So, called the pastor, thanked him for his generosity and told him we did not want to hurt the new floor. He was grateful.

Site two: I attend a meeting weekly in this facility, also a church building, great lights, heat and air, kitchen, classrooms etc. When I finally connected with the lady in charge of the building she told me if were up to her we would be welcome, but the church was closing the week before our retreat. Very sad when a church closes. I called TOPS group to tell them we were losing our meeting place.

It seemed that every door had closed. We really NEED a retreat here in the sunbelt.

DH asks, are we going to need to have it in our home? Well, we entertain 30 to 40 folks for thanksgiving dinner so 12 people playing in clay might be do-able. But, only one day. OK, one day is better than no retreat so our mini Retreat was born.

We will have three retreat-ers per table. Two tables in the living room, one table in the dining room for nine folks. There are two tall counter work stations and a 4 foot table in the studio. Makes an even dozen or 13 if two people sit at the 4 foot table.

We've had goodies donated for the goodie bag. We, BestFlexibleMolds will be donating tiny sample molds and some molds for the raffle and door prizes. Jane will be donating 1 ounce containers of MinWax Polycrylic Satin Varnish. Thank you Makin's for goodies and a bag!

There is no charge for the retreat but we are asking folks to chip in on the lunch sandwich bar.

If you would like to join us, we have two openings left. You can contact me through our website

Every year at the Oklahoma State Fair, we sponsor the polymer clay division. Prizes are awarded. Our guild donates to the "Best of Show" polymer clay division award. Here are a few pics of this year's State Fair offering.

The pics show many of the entries with ribbons. The beautiful credit card holder is by past President Jane.

Some more pretties!

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