Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Going South for Summer in the Winter

We are back in the southern part of Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, trying to escape winter in Oklahoma. We came here last year after hearing all about the warm, even hot, days and an abundance of sunshine. The first ten days were the coldest in history. :-0

So this year, being assured that the last year's weather was a fluke we once again packed up the rig and headed south. While loading the food etc, I somehow injured my knee and then caught that icky, takes three weeks before the explosive coughing fits slow down, cold/flu thingy.

Upon arrival, the weather was balmy, sunny, warm and ... perfect. I however, barely left the RV, except to sit in the sunshine for 5 or 10 minutes while whining, moaning and hoping that I would not cough. After a doctor visit, antibiotic shot and pills for the bronchial infection and pneumonia, health returned.

Then it turned cold. Record breaking cold! Again.

Life is good though, we have some good, sunny days and some cold, rotten days. Kind of like life in general.

On the good days we are out on our bike and trike. Joe bikes, I trike. When we walk the dogs, the trike works great. Our young doggie, Sophie, a LassaPoo, wants to run. We don't want to run. On the trike it is easy to go slow enough to walk them and then speed up when they want to run.

When Sophie sees one of us waiting down the road, she will take off at a dead run.

It may be cold, icky weather for the Rio Grande Valley, but, it beats the heck out of the sub zero weather in the north. Oklahoma is having record breaking snow and storms this year.

We have to wear a jacket.

Hummm..... it's not so bad here after all. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny.

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