Monday, July 23, 2007


I have discovered challenges. For an late middle aged, type A woman, this turned out to be a bit frustrating. I love to WIN! Often I find myself tempeted to spend the month planning, drawing, scheming, and trying to figure out what I can do to win. But, all I really need to do, is to create something that I love.
After this insight, I made this Bottle of Hope for the AMACO challenge. Surprisingly, the satisfaction of seeing the finished bottle and knowing a cancer victim would receive it, was all the prize needed.

'Hope Blooms Eternal' Bottle of Hope.
The red in the roses is for victims of blood borne cancers like Lymphoma and Lukemia. The green leaves are for growing strength, the tiny crystals are visual fragrances. The skinner blend background goes from dark to light - from despair to victory. The three roses on the base represent Faith, Hope, and Endurance.

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