Monday, September 24, 2012

Wonderful Greek Food

Yummmm, great food!
My friend and I were going through the south side of Oklahoma City, on the I-240 eastbound frontage road heading for I-35 to go south to first Norman, then Maysville. We had been up to the city and, on the way home, needed to stop at Budget Box and Bags for some studio supplies. It was just after lunch and we were debating where to go to get some take-out. The box store is in the 74 South Shopping center on the far west end. 

Next to it was a small Greek restaurant Anna's Famous Gyro's, 2228 Southwest 74th Street,  Oklahoma City, OK 73159. 

It had been years since I'd had any Greek food and since it was close we went in and ordered takeout as we would be stopping for lunch at a friend's house in Moore and told her we'd lunch. We chose the chicken ka-bob with extra rice and some Baklava.

Wow, what a great lunch. We all commented while eating as to what great food it was. The flavors were superb and cooked 'just right', the grilled veggies (they came with the Ka-bob) were very tasty and the rice was the finest I've had in years. 

If you ever get to the south side of Oklahoma City near mealtime, I think you would like Anna's.  

Oh, and if you ever need bins, boxes, gift boxes, etc. Budget Box And Bag has a good supply for organizing any room of your home, shipping, and tiny jewelry gift boxes with cotton in them. 

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