Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snowman project

Here's a cute idea for a winter project.

Materials needed:
• Best Flexible Mold #017 Let It Snow!!
• Wooden Bird house available at hobby and discount stores. (The one shown cost $ 2.27.)
• Polymer Clay: Red and white.
• Acrylic paint; dark blue, medium blue, black, red, orange and green (or any colors you prefer for the snowman’s hat, mittens and scarf).
• Brushes: 1/2” brush to paint house, smaller brush to paint the hat, scarf and mittens. Small detail brushes to paint snowman’s eyes and buttons and bird’s eye and beak.
• Strong glue like E-6000®.
• Varnish recommended by clay manufacturer.
• Optional: Paper clay may be used instead of polymer clay.
• Optional: Eye screw and 6” of light weight chain or wire for a hanger.
• Free tutorial available on our Free Tutorials Page.

If desired, you can build a light weight birdhouse from foam core board for a center piece or just for fun. Foam core board is not for use outdoors or with birds or animals. Click on the image to see full size pattern.

Have Fun!

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