Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More and More Holiday Fun, Elegant Poinsettias!

Holiday time can be beautiful as well as fun.

If you are looking for elegant and beautifully sculpted poinsettias, leaves, holly and winter birds, this is the mold for you. Also included in the mold are holly berries, a poinsettia, leaves and loops corner piece, and a ribbon loop. Shown Left are molded parts from this lovely mold.

There are, in this mold:
  • Two poinsettias with two leaves.
  • One poinsettia corner piece
  • Three holly leaves and a cluster of three berries and a single berry.
  • Two perching birds in two sizes
  • A single ribbon loop.
All of the parts can be molded in multiples to make larger designs.

The corner piece can be used flat as in this little magnet frame idea, right. This little frame was created by Miss Martha's daughter. The corner was molded in colors. Leaves green, flower centers yellow and the flowers of red clay. A sweet winter bird perches in the flowers and leaves. The parts were attached to a tiny frame, just big enough for a sweet school picture.

If you do not have a tiny frame one can be cut of clay, embellished and baked. After it is cool, a piece of thin plastic can be cut and glued to the back of the finished frame and a favorite holiday photo can be glued to the frame. Add a magnet or two to the back of the frame and you have a wonderful holiday memory magnet.

Each mold comes with the measurements of the amount of clay needed to fill each mold opening and a measuring chart. No need to guess, just measure and press.

Also included is a free tutorial to make the project shown on the right. The elegant footed box project instructions show how to cover a paper mache box with clay and embellished. Also included are instructions on how the corner piece can be bent and wrapped around the corners of the box to form 'feet'. The instructions also Below right is a simpler version of the project that comes with the mold.

The poinsettias, leaves and birds can be used to make a number of jewelry designs etc.

Our flexible molds are made of tough, urethane rubber and are approx. 4 inches by 3.25 inches by 5/8 inch thick. All the parts are from my own original designs and sculptures.

Our Angel Policy: With the purchase of our molds you have permission to make one-of-a-kind pieces in any quantity to sell at fairs, bazaars and craft shows; However, you may not hire employees to make items from the molds or sell through commercial accounts without permission.

Just imagine how many delightful ways you can use the molded parts.

Think jewelry, serving pieces, greeting cards, name tags, Welcome sign, scrapbooking, guest soaps, decorative votives (the polymer clay must be on the outside of the glass and not come in contact with the flame), metal clay, etc.

This mold is available at Best Flexible Molds.

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