Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Visiting Clayer Tina

Above, Tina and I at the computer in my studio. Joe took the pic while we were talking to him on Skype in his office in the far corner of the house.

At the San Antonio guild meeting in February of this year I met a really cool lady named Tina. She also attended my class the next day and we had the pleasure of sitting next to each other at a small restaurant near the meeting place after class. The food was great but the company of the gals of San Antonio guild was even better.

When we found out that she was traveling through Moore on her way to San Antonio from Missouri we invited her to stop by and sit a spell. She did and we had a great time.

Shortly after her arrival Joe gave her a tour of the mold room and showed her how we make our molds, from the measuring of the raw materials, mixing pouring and vacuuming a three up of the newest Egyptian Symbols mold. Later in the evening she got to watch the cured rubber molds being pulled from the mold. Joe announced that she was now an 'official' mold maker.

After supper we spent time in the studio where we finished a leaf cane and talked about how it can be reduced with no packing, modifying the cane etc. There was some oohing and ahhing as she looked at some of the many items in the studio.

Later in the evening we popped popcorn in an old fashioned popcorn popper and watched the 'The Closer'.

Next morning after breakfast there was more ooing and ahhhing as Tina showed me her jewelry, cell phone charms and other pretties. Her wirework is lovely. Some of the items were stashed in a lovely tin covered in lavender and purple cane slices. Tina said that the tin had cost her a quarter at a garage sale two days ago. She is a claying gal for sure. I have a tin that has been sitting here for at least a year, still no clay on it. (blushing a bit here)

It was such a good time. I hope she will be staying here again on the way home later this week!

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