Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ancient Egypt In A Best Flexible Mold

Another new mold!! The wall art and jewelry of ancient comes to life in this new mold containing exotic Egyptian symbols.
  • Scarabs, 2 in flight, 4 at rest
  • Water lilies, blooms & leaf
  • A Pyramid with the eye&
  • 1 Sacred cat
  • Lily Blossom Ring
These designs will bring the feeling of ancient Egypt to your polymer clay or metal clay jewelry, charms and embellishments.

The included ring band has a lily design in the center but most of the smaller pieces can be applied to the center of the ring, over the lily before firing/baking.
The ring band goes up to size 17 ½ and a ring sizing chart is included in the mold. Great for metal clay!

The large scarab in flight is 1 7/8” x 1 3/4” (46x44mm),

The lily spray is 2 5/16” x 1 1/2” (40x58mm);To make the sample pieces above I chose black clay, a 50/50 mix of Pardo and Kato clays to mold the parts.

Pearlex powders were used on the black clay to simulate the brilliant coloring and gleam of the original jewelry pieces that I found on line.

Free instructions are included to make the exotic Key chain charm that could also be a pendant if desired.

The deepest part of this 5/8” thick mold is the large scarab about 5/16” deep. Made of strong urethane rubber the mold can be flexed for easy release.

As one of the extras that you get with a Best Flexible Mold is that we have measured the clay for you and provide measuring circles on the cover sheet. No need to guess, just measure and press!

Here is a design idea for a pendant using the large Scarab in flight mold.

The Large Scarab in Flight was molded of black clay. Three eye pins were insert in the lower half ball as shown.

Balls of red clay, one large, one smaller and two even smaller were rolled and dusted with red mica powder. The smaller ones were put onto bead pins and all were baked. When cool, the larger ball was glued into the 'gold' ring above the scarab.

Dangles: The smaller red balls were threaded onto head pins with metallic blue long beads (can be made from black clay) and small gold tone metal beads and linked to the eye pins in the lower part of the design.

Many of the original ancient Egypt jewelry designs had rows of dangles feature reds, greens, blues and gold colors.

Some of the ancient designs are of silver and gold. Metal clays can be used in our molds with very good results!


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Very nice mold! :)

Ellie AKA Claylady43 said...

Thank you so very much Trina!
Penni Jo

Minister Faust said...

I would love to buy this Egyptian mold. How much is it, and how can I buy it?