Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another New Caboshapes mold # II

December has been a very, very busy month. I sculpted caboshapes for another new mold. PJ039 Caboshapes II - Divas!

DH made the initial mold. From there we jumped right into sales and marketing. Whew!

The new mold is designed with a feminine feeling with 12 openings featuring three stylized female figures, one large figure is 4 3/8 long by 1 1/8 inches wide. The two smaller female figures measure 2 1/8 X 9/16 inches and 1 1/2 X 1/2 inches.

Also included is a stylized tiny baby that is small enough to be held in 'arms' or to be applied to the larger figure to represent a “child within”.

From “mother nature” to the popular 'goddess' look , these figures can be used to embellish and decorate jewelry and many other things. As always, free instructions are included with the mold. The project instructions with PJ039 makes a “Mother Nature” pin or pendant.

  • Three stylized female forms.
  • A small face that can be used on the larger form.

  • A tiny stylized baby.

  • Two stylized shapes that can be used as 'hands' or 'wings' or feathers.

  • One elongated teardrop shape.

  • One Collar that can be thin for an application or thick to form a bead etc.

  • One Crown, doesn't every diva need one?

  • Two tiny accent parts, a heart and a diamond shaped jewel.

Most of the parts have flat fronts and are about ¼” deep. Some of the parts are curved. The depth of the smaller parts is from 3/16” to ¼ inch deep.

The projects instructions are to make a Mother Nature pin or pendant and uses only a few colors. A Skinner blend sheet is pressed into the mold then the mold is filled with solid color clay. The excess is trimmed away and the lovely feminine shape is easily de-molded. The figure of gently blended colors can now be embellished with vines and leaves. A tiny molded heart adds to the feminine beauty of the pin/pendant.

To make the Child Within, mold the large figure in choice of color.
Mold the tiny baby in choice of color. Maybe pink or blue? Press the baby onto the front of the figure. Bake and finish as desired.

The finished figure could perhaps embellish a baby album cover, or a table favor at a baby shower?

We hope that you enjoy our molds and would love to see what you do with them.

Penni Jo.

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