Saturday, November 20, 2010

And Yet another NEW Mold!!!!

On the way home from Sandy Camp, we reviewed our sales and the notes of people's requests for future molds. It became clear that folks really liked the cabochons. There are five of them in our line but they are all common shapes, circles, ovals, squares/rectangles and one odd shape. All of them are asymmetrical.

Little sketches were drawn on a number of pieces of paper, sketches for possible new designs but what could we call an odd, distorted or asymmetrical cabochon?


Similar in depth, style and size, these Caboshapes could be used in any mix or singly.

For instance, you can mold a caboshape using about 2/3's of the clay called for. De-mold it and set it aside. Now cut a thin slice of your favorite Mokume Gane. Line the mold, press in the thin, molded caboshape. Press firmly to bond, trim the excess and demold a beautiful, smooth shape, ready to bake and use.

The same can be done using a slice of a Kali cane, or a group of small cane slices. etc, etc.

The first Caboshape mold is fairly simple with eleven unique, hand sculpted Caboshapes.

Three Shield-like shapes,

Four Triangle-like shapes,

One Cube / square,

Four Curved shapes.

Most of the parts have flat fronts and are about ¼” deep. Some of the parts are curved. The depth of the smaller parts is from 3/16” to ¼ inch deep.

For the project, I used two different shapes, the curved shield and a narrow football shape. After baking the shapes, a faux Bali Silver Bezel is constructed around the two shapes.

The response to this new format has been great. Thank you all.

Stay tuned, there are sketches and plans for five more caboshapes.

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ooooooh WOW! Those are gorgeous!!!!