Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Rainy Day in south Texas

When we were kids, a rainy day was not to be whined about, but one to enjoy indoor activities. One of my favorites was coloring or painting. Today, it rained most of the day but was so warm that the door was open all day. It was a pleasant, calm rain that drummed lightly on the rig and made ripples in the puddles. What a day to break out the colors!!

We have a once a week art class here in Oleander Acres. Somehow I've ended up being the 'teacher'. Mostly just helping where I can and encouraging folks to branch out and spread their wings a bit.

Today some of the students colored with brightly colored oil pencils from Walnut Hollow that are designed to be used to color on wood. We drew snow scenes, outdoor scenes and flowers.

The soft, rich colored leads blend beautifully on baked polymer clay. I started a pendant with pansies on it in class. In addition to coloring on clay, we also colored on paper.

After class, I spent most of the rest of the day finishing the artwork on the pendant I'd started in class, adding more layers of color, building depth and shape to the pansies on the pendant.

Tiny ovals of clay were cut, baked and sanded to fit standard settings and each one received it's very own tiny pansy.

After finishing the drawings, a layer of liquid Kato clay was spread over the images and baked. Three coats of high gloss varnish was brushed over the cabochons with drying time allowed between coats.

The dry cabochons were glued into the Fire Mountian settings and allowed to dry. Next the little prongs were squeezed up against the cabochons for extra security. Add a pair of hypo-allergenic ear wires and viola!! a set of jewelry in the old fashioned china painting style.

Tomorrow, a jump ring and chain will finish the necklace.

Sweet dreams all.....

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Sue C said...

Absolutely stunning. Smiles!