Monday, December 14, 2009

New Venture ~ Tutorials

Each year I create eight to ten new polymer clay tutorials for the classes that I teach in the fall. It's a lot of work for just one class. Recently hubby Joe suggested we post the more involved classes for sale and have a "Freebie of the Month" tutorial along with the tutorial for sale. After a bit of planning, we have chosen the first two class tutorials to post and created an index page with clickable links.

HERE is the link to the index of the currently available Pdf files.

The first is titled, 'OrnamentCover.pdf'. When you click this link a single page will open up with information about the tutorial, a materials list and photos of the finished ornament. The full tutorial will be sent to you by email after payment.

The second link, the "Freebie of the Month", is titled, 'SnowmanSwitchplateTutorial.pdf'. Just in time for winter fun or to bring a fun, snowy, wintry feeling to a warm southern home.

This is a tutorial that I have posted a couple of times over the years. It's one of my early guild classes; a switch plate cover with a snowy winter scene. The project shown uses Fimo glitter blue and glitter white, but any blue and white clay should work. The clay is baked on the switch plate.

A switch plate cover note: to avoid the embellishments from breaking off, be sure that the parts are firmly pressed into the background and are thin, sort of like the artwork on a coin. The snowman's nose appears to be sticking out, but it is actually flat across his face.

The second page of this switchplate tutorial contains a second, mini tutorial, "Faux Knit", a technique for making 'knit' clay fabric as shown in the scarves. I've made tiny stocking caps and socks using this technique and would love to see what you might make using this 'knit' clay fabric.

If you can't download the files or would like printed copies, please write to me.

Have fun!

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