Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Gift for you ~ the 2009 Christmas Angel artwork

* Christmas is a time for, well, lots of things, but one of the biggest for me is a new angel drawing for the annual Christmas card / newsletter.
* This year's Christmas angel is designed to reflect a prayerful attitude and a sweet spirit.
* Peacock feathers intermingle with her feathers and circle the border of her robe. The title of this illustration is: "A Christmas Prayer"

* There are two images, the jpg, has a romantic, Victorian background. See right. The .png image below is the angel alone on a transparent background. Feel free to download either or both.

* We hope that your holidays are especially good for you this year, that you and your loved ones are well and pursuing happiness.
We have had a very busy year. Last November we began the remodeling of the house that I inherited.
* Note: Old people who plan a total and complete remodel of a house should think twice or even three times. It’s a LOT of hard work but the results were well worth the effort. We were blessed to have many, many hands helping us with the work. I thank God for our helpful family and friends.

* Vince Jonas was our most excellent and creative carpenter. He’s been blessed with a marvelous talent. New baseboards, casings, cabinets and built-in's make this house both uber-functional and beautiful.
* By the time the house was finished, Joe and I were more fit than we had been in years and both of us lost weight. We moved in on my birthday in August.
* In September I started teaching again, once a week, at Southern Oaks Rec center. We will be posting both a freebie tutorial and a tutorial for sale each month from the classes that are taught each fall.
* Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year! May you be blessed by the eternal gift of the Babe of Bethlehem, Emanuel, God with Us and may God richly bless you, the ones that you love, and the ones that love you.

* If you would like to use either or both of these images for your personal, non- commercial use, or for making one of a kind's for selling at craft shows, you may download either or both sizes.


Dlsarmywife said...

Ellie!!!! She is gorgeous! And truly perfect. I am going to print out a few to decoupage onto some ornaments for my tree! (it's done in a peacock theme!!!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! And I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! =D

Ellie AKA Claylady43 said...

You are most welcome! It would be great to see a pic of your creations.
Penni Jo
AKA Claylady43 and "Ellie" short for my middle name, Elouise.

Dlsarmywife said...

Sadly I didn't get around to doing any for this years tree...BUT I will be making some in the future for the next time I put up my Peacock tree! (I'll share pics when I do too!)