Thursday, January 15, 2009

One more Pendant

Today I finished a new portrait cameo pendant design and wore it to the "Crafts in America" show at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. It seemed to be just the right thing to do, wear hand made, hand colored jewelry to a craft show of handmade items from the last two centuries.

Jane and I drove to the show together and, on the way, stopped at the smART art show in the Paseo. And what a surprise, as we arrived, April came in at the same time! We all went through the show reveling in the luxury of so much good art. Nothing was over 10 inches, all the art was small, but wonderful. It was especially fun for Jane and I because we each had art that had been accepted by the jurors for the show and finally got to see our art displayed.

The Craft show at the Hall of Fame was all we had heard that it was. There were six or seven rooms of crafts dating from the mid 1800's through 2007. Names we had heard of for years were listed on fabulous items like tables, chairs, pottery etc.

The weather outside was only in the 20's, colder than all get out, but the warmth of centuries of creativity warmed us from the inside out.

What a great day.

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