Monday, January 12, 2009

Fandango Inro Class coming in March

Penni Jo's Flickr Site Flickr is my favorite place to store photos and scans on line. It also allows me to create sets, making it easy for students to view a collection of similar works. The website is clean, and the personal pages are free of flashing, annoying ads and easy to use. Plus my friends, forum buddies and others also have flickr sites so once there, I can see their work too.

Getting ready for Fandango, I've created two new photo sets in my Flickr account showing designs that I plan to teach this coming summer starting with the Inro Class at Fandango. These two new polymer clay sets, Inros and Portrait Cameos will allow students to see examples of the kinds of projects I'll be teaching.

The first class will be in March at the Orlando Clay Fandango.

The class will be on how to make an inro. The students will learn how to make "faux jade" clay and assemble an inro over a form.

The inro will be embellished with tiny dragonflies using a micro mold that I have sculpted and created for this specific class. The students will get to keep the mold along with the rest of the kit. My experience tells me that many students contribute fantastic creativity to the class and a wide variety of unique styles will be portrayed. It is a joy as a teacher to be a part of their individuality within the project. One very nice note, the weather should be gorgeous in St. Augustine in March.

In addition to the inro class, during baking time, the students will learn how to make paper clay forms for future inros using a variety of shapes.

Later on, I plan to write a tutorial for this most recent project, a flower inro built over a paper clay sculpted flower form, and teach the class in my home studio. For more views of this flower inro, go here.

Inro's are wearable vessels, but more than that, they are charming and delightful, surprising viewers when open, and a place in which you may keep a special item close to your heart.

The next set of classes that I am planning to teach are classes using oil pencils to draw and color portraits or landscapes on polymer clay cabochons. So.... a set was needed on Flickr in which to put oil pencil art. This pendant is one of three that were selected by the jurors of the smART show in the Paseo, in Oklahoma City. It is a juried show of small art.

This drawing / coloring class will also have lessons on designing and finishing the back of the artwork to make a pendant. We may even make some canes using colors from the oil pencil art for embellishments. The oil pencil art can also be framed if the student prefers.

More later on class times and places.

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